Mixed Services

Possible Services in Each Business Line

Simple Proposals

The Way of Success

Today, access, security and information systems are already a reality. Our innovative proposals will not fail to surprise you.
If you are looking for something that already exists, maybe this is not the place for you. But if you want to improve something or innovate, this is the ideal place, you can't go wrong.

  • Intelligent information
  • Self-Service Systems
  • Payment systems
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Gas Stations
  • Shoping Centres
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Why Somnum

Affordable & Flexible

Cities must be Smart. Every day more and more populations are joining this paradigm that is shaping our daily lives. Somnum helps to develop products that modernise and make our cities more livable. Green spaces, intelligent parking, automatic access systems, transparent and easy security. Innovative information.
Tenemos la suerte de tener como asesores a Aalto Consultores. Strategic Consulting for Smart Cities.
Contact us and we will inform you.

  • Cost-Effective Services
  • Helps Reduce Business Risks
  • Management of Cost Performance
  • Increasing Projects’s Agility
  • Cryptographic Bio-Cards
  • Remote management points softwarte
  • Automation and secure access
  • Security and Access
  • Outdoor Systems Indoor Systems
  • Queing Systems
  • Multimedia Bus Stops
  • Robotisation
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Future in Progress

Digital Resource Optimization

Virtual reality is not new. Now it is starting to be called META, there have been many projects that, if we analyze the basic history, we see that projects like Second Live. They are still operational and with many users. Our proposal goes through the use of new technological paradigms, latest generation 3D technologies such as Treejs and Blockchain technology. To optimize specific platforms for specific projects. Our concept does not go through "Generalist" solutions, "coffee for all". But solutions for specific niches. Education, Architecture, Engineering, Drones, Simulation... Tourism.

  • Optimised Code.(En proceso)
  • Modular AI approach
  • Multidisciplinary team
  • If there's nothing new, what's the point?
  • Specific MVR projects.
  • Real Mixed Augmented Reality (In progress)
  • Multiplatform APP.
  • New Autonomous Smart Glasses Technology (In process)
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We are Green.

For our Wonderful Blue Planet.

We fully believe in Climate Change. We also believe that if we all contribute our "grain of sand" it is possible to slow down the disaster that is happening right now. Todos nuestros colaboradores creen lo mismo. Y estamos alineados.
To this end, we are developing products, services and business models that help reduce emissions.
And that through new technologies we try to forge a symbiosis that we believe is possible.

  • Security for Nature Parks
  • Natural Anti-Drought Irrigation Systems
  • Business Models for Electric Mobility
  • Friendly Wildlife Control Systems
  • Green Electric Vertical Car Parks.
  • Intelligent Active Early Fire Detection System
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Green Internal Situation

Sustainable Growth

In addition to controlling the materials and components we purchase. We have an internal energy saving policy with the idea of reducing as much as we can our Carbon Footprint on the planet.

Use of bicycles and walking to go to work 78%

Recyclable Materials in Projects 89%

RoHS components used 100%

Paper Use in the Company 8%

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