Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)


  1. Introduction
  2. Vision and Mission
  3. Environmental Responsibility
  4. Social Responsibility
  5. Corporate Governance
  6. Conclusion and Future Commitments

1.- Introduction

SOMNUM is a business project that brings together professionals with more than 20 years of experience in Information Technology, Industrial Design, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Computer Engineering, Marketing and Business (Businessmen, Economists and Lawyers). The idea is to bring to the market, through its four basic lines of business, technological innovation, new innovative technological products and solutions with a high level of design and finish. Turnkey industrial systems and advanced technology models for the new paradigm of Digital Cities, Smart and Green City, META, UAVS and Climate Change.
The digitalisation and automation of processes is reaching all the epicentres of our society, SOMNUM has arrived to provide high quality solutions, simple, stable, with high technology and with a balance between quality and price.
SOMNUM will also be a private innovation centre synchronised with the most important universities and innovation centres in the country. With the firm conviction to find solutions to the new challenges of our society and to develop products with an international vision. Helping new companies, institutions and foundations to develop responsible and environmentally friendly projects.

At Somnum Technologies, we are aware of our role in society and the responsibility that goes with it. This report reflects our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and how our business aligns with sustainable development goals.

2.- Vision and Misision

Our vision is basically:
«To be happy with what we do. And to make our environment happier. To be able to contribute something to help solve the great problem of the climate or the environment».
Parallel to this concept as the inspirational basis of the company our corporate mission is:
To develop innovative products in our four business lines with the aim of fighting climate change and protecting nature. Green is our colour!
Our fundamental and founding values of our company are defined by the fact that for us, people are the most important thing. Everything else is secondary. We start from the fundamental basis of listening and trying to understand, putting ourselves on the other person’s side. From that perspective, it is easier for both of us to succeed.

Integrating in all our relationships internally, externally and as a basis:

  • Integrity
  • Honesty
  • Protection of the environment
  • Customer Focus
  • Always striving for excellence
  • Helping the customer succeed

3 – Environmental Responsibility

3.1 – Carbon Footprint Reduction
We have initiated a programme to switch to green energy at all our facilities, resulting in a 20% reduction in our carbon emissions in the last year.
In addition, given the proximity of the team’s homes to our offices, movements are made by walking or cycling, resulting in a very significant reduction in the company’s carbon footprint.
3.2 – Conservation of Natural Resources
We implement policies to reduce, reuse and recycle, and encourage these practices among our employees. Our zero paper initiative has reduced paper consumption by 82%.
Recyclable materials are used in all our projects, reaching over 89% in the last year.
3.3 – Energy Efficiency
Our facilities are designed with energy efficient lighting systems, and we have implemented policies to ensure that electronic equipment is not left on unnecessarily.
In addition, in many of our projects we include energy saving systems as well as implementing green solar and wind power generation.

3.4 – Waste Management
We have programmes in place to recycle and reuse the waste produced, and have achieved a 25% decrease in waste generated in the last year.
We also only implement RoHS components.
RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances in Electronic Equipment) is a directive adopted by the European Union and other countries that seeks to limit the use of certain hazardous substances in the manufacture of electronic and electrical equipment. Below are some of the benefits associated with the implementation of the RoHS directive:

  1. Environmental protection: RoHS primarily aims to reduce the negative environmental impact caused by the release of hazardous substances at the manufacturing stage and during the lifetime of electronic products. By restricting the use of substances such as lead, mercury, cadmium and certain flame retardants, air, water and soil pollution is reduced.
  2. Consumer health and safety: Limiting toxic substances in electronic equipment improves consumer health and safety. Lead, for example, is harmful to the nervous system and can cause serious harm to children. By eliminating or reducing these substances, the risk of exposure to hazardous chemicals for users is minimised.
  3. Encouraging technological innovation: The RoHS directive has encouraged the development and adoption of safer and less toxic alternatives in the manufacture of electronic products. This has led to advances in research and the implementation of more sustainable materials and technologies, driving innovation in the electronics industry.
  4. Improved e-waste management: RoHS also contributes to better management of e-waste. By reducing the use of hazardous substances, it facilitates recycling and proper treatment of end-of-life equipment. This reduces the amount of e-waste ending up in landfills and minimises the release of toxic substances into the environment.
  5. Regulatory compliance and market access: RoHS implementation is mandatory in many countries, which means that manufacturers must comply with the requirements. Complying with RoHS standards allows access to national and international markets that demand products free of hazardous substances, which benefits manufacturers by expanding their potential customer base.

In summary, RoHS offers significant benefits in terms of environmental protection, consumer health and safety, technological innovation, e-waste management and regulatory compliance. By restricting the use of hazardous substances, it promotes a more sustainable and responsible electronics industry.

4.- Social Responsibility

4.1- Fair Employment Practices
We pride ourselves on offering a diverse and inclusive work environment with equal opportunity policies and a competitive benefits package for our employees.
4.2- Community Development Programmes
We collaborate with local organisations to contribute to the development of communities near our facilities. We have assisted technically in infrastructure projects, and our employees regularly participate in volunteer programmes and support cultural associations.
We have collaborated with the Alzheimer’s association AFA «Felipa Delgado» of La Carolina, in computer maintenance and technical advice.
4.3- Charity work
We have collaborated with international NGOs that are aligned with our CSR values and objectives.
In projects to fight hunger in Central America. Dry Corridor in Guatemala together with the Department of Animal Biology, Plant Biology and Ecology/University of Jaén, Department of Botany/University of Santiago de Compostela, Faculty of Agronomy/University of San Carlos de Guatemala, Acción contra el Hambre/Guatemala.

5.- Corporate Governance
5.1-  Financial Disclosure
We are committed to full transparency and provide detailed and accurate financial reports to our shareholders on a regular basis.
5.2-  Shareholder Engagement
We encourage the active participation of our shareholders in corporate decision-making through regular meetings and open communication.
5.3-  Ethical Decision Making
We have a strong code of ethics that all our employees must follow, ensuring that our operations are conducted in a fair and ethical manner.
5.4-  Risk Management
We have robust risk management systems in place to minimise potential negative impacts on our operations, our reputation and our stakeholders.

6.- Conclusion and Future Commitments
At Somnum Technologies, we continue to strive to meet our CSR commitments and constantly improve in all our areas of responsibility. We are proud of our achievements to date and committed to continuous improvement of our CSR policies and practices.

Somnum Team 2023