(Data updated as of 09/2022)

Vela Solar DaVinci ST-DaVinci-M-V1

The DaVinci Solar Candle is an innovative product that seeks to solve three current problems in large cities:

  1. Shade in squares and open spaces
  2. Lighting without carbon footprint with solar and LED technology.
  3. Possibility of moving the systems according to the needs of the population.
  4. A new design to generate pleasant spaces in hot weather and use these spaces efficiently for specific events under shade or indirect ambient lighting.
  5. Recharging areas for mobile phones and tablets with solar technology.

The DaVinci Multimedia Candle is an industrial arboreal design structure that covers several needs for cities as intelligent urban furniture.

The idea is that it is an ideal complement for open spaces with year-round shade and lighting needs. It also has the advantage of being able to be moved and dismantled to be moved to another space in the city or to make way for special cultural moments.

The DaVinci model contemplates the possibility of extending awnings between its upper ends to increase the shaded area in the summer months so that the public can enjoy these spaces with games and/or leisure activities. But protected from the sun.

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In Process