(Data updated as of 10/2022)

Cryptographic Bio Cards for Cadastre BioT-6000-SMC

The new Somnum BioT-6000 cadastral identity smart card will allow biometric identification of the cardholder through facial and fingerprint recognition systems. This will guarantee that all operations and queries are performed by the cardholder.
The biometric system requires an enrollment or registration process. In this process, the user's identity will be verified and a facial and fingerprint image will be obtained from which a biometric pattern will be stored on the card to identify the user biometrically on subsequent occasions.
To identify the user, the system will obtain an image of the user's face and fingerprint, by means of a camera and a fingerprint scanner, and will check that it corresponds to the biometric patterns stored on the card.
Access to the information contained in the card will be by means of a PIN code that will be provided to the user at the time the card is issued and that can be changed later at the registration posts set aside for this purpose.
The information stored in the card will be electronically signed to guarantee its authenticity and integrity. The enrollment process may be carried out in remote offices by means of special tablets that will be carried by the field team.
This process in remote areas will only perform the pre-capture of the owner's biometrics and the verification of his personal data.
Afterwards, at the moment of collecting the Cadastral Identity Card, it will be checked again in the offices and the information will be consolidated and the personalized card will be delivered on the spot.

> Basic technical features

List of basic technical characteristics foreseen.

1.- Card -> Public key algorithms RSA and Elliptic Curves up to 521 bits up to 3840 bits.
2.- Card ->SHA-256 for hashing and AES-192 for symmetric encryption.
3.-The card operating system will be designed and implemented specifically.
4.- Access protection to the card is by PIN, Face and fingerprint.
5.- Only one code per card. Electronic signature of each card protected in the cloud.
6.- Automated validation in the Cloud.
7.- Own developed biometric algorithm and application.
8.- Biometric storage servers and biometric verification in the cloud.
9.- Electronic signature storage server in the cloud.
10.- Cloud HSM Server for custody of private keys.
11.- Software for biometric identification terminals. Tablets, desktop and kiosks.
12.- Unattended Post Software Identification, information and payments in Biometric Smart Kiosk.


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Nov 2022 - Nov 2026